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Virtual reality

We believe that Virtual and Augmented Reality is the next step in a truly immersive gaming experience. VR technology allows us to bring characters and worlds to life in a way we never could have imagined before. That is why we strive to create fresh and exciting new projects that utilize VR and AR to its fullest capacity in order to create memorable breathtaking experiences for our players.

VR has many other useful applications in architecture, education, medicine and other fields as innovative custom and standardized solutions. Our completed and ongoing partnership VR projects provide various custom solutions that fulfill most 21. century business needs.

Game and ICT development

Amaterasu Software is an independent game development and ICT business solution studio founded in early 2017. However we began our business journey over 10 years ago as a group of independent programmers with a focus on innovative new technologies and games.

Ever since our tiny toddler hands grabbed an old NES controller we knew that we wanted to play, create and live Video Games. That moment of pure inspiration has never left our minds and we think it shows in our 10+ library of released titles.



With his business acumen Dane manages day to day operations of Amaterasu Software. Utilizing his skills and experience gained through years of working in corporate strategy and as a project manager Dane carefully weights every difficult decision that falls on his shoulders.



Auditor by education, programmer by trade. Domagoj first started programming in his childhood years, utilizing various software such as Game Maker to create games for him and his friends. Perfectionist by nature, with indomitable will, Domagoj turns dreams to reality.



With keen interest in technology and business Martin is analyzing market and trends surrounding Amaterasu Software. Believing firmly in a global society Martin's goal is to connect people and businesses worldwide through Amaterasu Software.