Introvert Quest

This is our comedy love project. It is almost complete and will be soon released on Steam! If you are interested please check out our greenlight link here!  or check out the trailer

Experience the life of a socially awkward shut in. Even menial tasks like going to the grocery store, paying the bills or visiting the doctor can prove to be herculean challenges. Scammers, beggars and delinquents lurk around every corner waiting for unsuspecting targets. That not being enough, it seems like every citizen is out to get you. Explore and choose your own path in order to survive a week in the shoes of an unemployed introvert just trying to get by. Make friends and enemies in this twisted modern day RPG where every day activities seem like a nightmare for you to deal with. Be careful what you do or say for it is the protagonist who often ends up in trouble.

  • An RPG set in modern times
  • A huge city to explore
  • Branching storyline with multiple endings
  • Tons of sidequests and activities
  • Form social links and bonds with other citizens
  • Dialogue based combat sequences
  • Insane optional puzzles
  • Guaranteed comedy gold

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