About Us

We are a 4 man indie game developer team that want to make the games of our childhood dreams!¬†¬†Every member of our team is a fan of old school JRPG genre, (such as: Final Fantasy series, Chrono series, Wild Arms, Souls series etc…) and its our dream to revitalize its turn based battle system.

Among our love for RPG games we also have a desire to make other interesting projects such as Adventure, Puzzle and Action games. Our team is not the most experienced one but we learn every day and strife to better ourselves with every game. We never had any formal programming education but trough willpower alone we have tough ourselves how to program, video edit and much more. We believe that life is a big learning process and that trough hard work even the wildest dreams can be achieved.

If you ever wanted to work on a game or have trouble finishing and publishing your game please let us know since our door is always open for people who love games. Let us know at our mail at amaterasu.software@gmail.com or hit us up on twitter! We are always looking for enthusiastic people that share our passion. If you know how to draw characters, program, write stories or even just want to help with marketing please do not hesitate.

Best regards, stay positive and

Happy Adventuring!


Team Amaterasu Software